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  1. Ford Edge Discussions
    2014 Edge Sport transmission noise/clunk Hey everyone, So I recently bought a 14 Edge Sport used with 22,000mi. After driving it for about a month, I've noticed a slight clunking when shifting from park-reverse-drive and back. Often, when I put it into park and turn it off, I get a...
  2. Ford C-MAX Discussions
    I have a old 2005 c-max automatic 1.6 diesel. I´m Portuguese. I just have a small problem the automatic cable is allays jumping of and here they don't sell the rubber that join all together. sorry my English m8ts
  3. Ford Escape Discussions
    Hi All, I have a 2008 Ford Escape FWD that just reached 200km. Two days ago, the "wrench" light came up on the dash, and I am noticing acceleration issues... From a dead stop, ill press the accelerator and the engine will rev up to 2000-3000rpm, but the car is slow to accelerate. Then when...
  4. 1.6L
    Hey guys, Im trying to figure out where to find a kit where I can switch my automatic transmission to a manual transmission. Do any of you guys know a website where I can purchase a full kit and have it shipped to me to have my own mechanic install it? Please help me out my car is totally stock...
1-4 of 4 Results