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10. The dorms smell like Old McDonald's farm, and by the looks of the students, the animals are here too!
9. The only other people at the gym are professors. Biking with Bruggink? Awkward.
8. The only place serving food on campus is Gilberts. No thanks, I'll pass on having the shits today.
7. Ricecookers in every lounge.
6. I've never seen 90% of these students ever in my life.
5. No cable!! How will I watch the Wheel?
4. My room is the size of a porta-potty. And in it I have a bed, wardrobe, 4 different kinds of shelving, dresser, desk, tv and tv stand, mountains of shit, and the cat couch.
3. I' have yet to see or meet anyone who lives in my building, but I do here furniture moving VERY loudly on a daily basis. Especially when I'm trying to nap.
2. The Fiesta is in the R-O-C. The Priz just isn't quite as zippy and luxurious...
1. Chris, Brian, and the rest of the fam isn't here!!!

until i find 10 more reasons... LL

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