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Here's how I built my doubler. This is an intense job and needs to be very precise and incredibly strong. If you don't feel like its the job for you, please don't attempt. This is just showing my progress and is not a 100% how to thread.

Your front t-case has to be a manual t-case. The rear will not matter. I went with a manual 1350 front that I swapped 1354 parts into, and a 1354 electric rear, but removed the electronic shift and now just turn it manually.

First I have a spare 1350M

And here is the shaft that needs to be modified.

What needs to be done is one of three things. First you could have an entire new shaft build which would be pricey, you could cut the end of the transmission output shaft off and have it pressed into the doubler shaft and welded, or you can do what I opted for and have the stock shaft turned down and resplined.

Whichever way you do it, it will end up looking like this. And be sure that which ever way you do it that it can withhold a ton of force. It will be the weakest part of the setup and if it breaks you will be stranded.

Here is the 1350 and the modified shaft.

Next cut the front half like this, and you can scrap the rear of the t-case.

You will need a small piece to fill in the gap that is created between the plate and case on the right side here.

Find a piece of aluminum or steel (aluminum will be easier) at least 1/2" thick. Mine is 1/4" and it works, but it was more of a pain to deal with.

Cut a 5" hole and drill holes for the front case.

You will also have to cut down the shaft the shift fork slides on and drill a hole in, but not through, the plate.

Then you can trim it down and drill holes to fit the planetary from the rear case.

The planetary on the rear case will need to have some grinding to clear the bolts from the front case. Assembly goes in this order: bolt front case to plate, install doubler shaft, install bolts in planetary for assembly to case later, install planetary to plate, install rear case on planetary. Be sure to RTV everything.

Here you can see it assembled without the plate to fill the gap between cases.


Modified trans crossmember for front driveshaft

Installed. You can see I moved the skid plate back, and you can see where the front driveshaft can now clear the crossmember.

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