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So I figured I would put this on FF's sister site, why not.

Unfortunately my username on FF is 1slofofo but here it's still the old adamdv5, but it doesn't really matter. [thumb]

So of course, first night:

Then a year later, I finally did my first modification, painted my wheel covers graphite gray and took off the dealer frames:

Which also coincided with me getting my Galaxy S3, which meant real good pictures without dragging a camera around.

Then I got this slick third brake light overlay:

The week prior, I carbon fiber wrapped the whiskers (and in between there I got the license plate cover):

Then yellow fogs came from Lamin-x:

And then I stripped 18 of my lug nuts [?|] [?|] so I ran steelies with black Gorilla lugs until I found some oem ones for a decent price.

And then came the two weeks I disliked the car (it was also really shitty weather where the heater on low makes it hot, but with it off you freeze).

But once I found some oem lugs, I was back in business.

And my covers went to a baby blue.

Then came a debadge as well as my first use of a clay bar (coolest thing ever):

And then some pedal covers (and foot rest but no pic on my laptop):

And then my second favorite alteration, the "backwards" racing stripes (white carbon fiber vinyl) which change direction depending on where you look at them from:

Then I redid my stickers to make them more of what the Focus represents in my eyes (great car, but slow):

Three Twenty Decal: confuses the shit out of everyone that sees it lol

Carbon Fiber wrap (had a lot extra) the door handles just to practice:

Better pic of yellow fogs:

Nearly exactly current condition:

New wheels/tires getting installed the right way:

And installed/current state:

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