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2011 Ford Fiesta – Video

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We test Ford's new subcompact.Read the Article: 2011 Ford Fiesta - Short Take Road TestWatch the Video: 2011 Ford Fiesta - VideoRelated posts:2011 Ford Fiesta - Short Take Road Test2010 Ford Fiesta - Mini Test Road Test2009 Ford Fiesta for China - Auto ShowsRelated posts:
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Text Source: Car & Driver
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That is a good read ... it's nice to know that they are not touching the style of the fiesta when it comes over.

I noticed the base price for the Hatch is 13K where the sedan is 14K ... interesting.

I couldn't find the price with options though. ... Because I wonder what the base model gives you.

They are good reads.
Pretty good reviews so far, especially considering the source.

I do like this comment:
Over the past couple of decades we've reviewed several impressive European Ford models that are not available to American buyers.
Now, at last, here is one that will be coming to the U.S
This one...not so good:
the first product of CEO Alan Mulally's "One Ford" global car policy:
I've experienced first hand what Alan's "outsourcing/global" policies have done to Boeing. [:(]
^^ I heard about that ... hopefully he wont hurt Ford.

Yeah, we can only hope...
Gotta give him credit so far though.
Haven't seen this much enthusiasm generated about a new Ford car in quite a while.
I think the whole Ford line is exciting this round.

Affirmative, and about time.
Well ... it's also about time they brought it over here too.

Patience grasshopper. [:D]
I will go back and paint the fence then later wax the car ... and then it should be here.

You'll probably need to sand the floor as well to burn up some time. LOL!
As long as Ford keeps the quality up it should have a winner.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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