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2013 Mustang GT, 5.0L V8, Six-Speed Manual Transmission - Built by Ringbrothers
Why it's cool: Inspired by street machine style, the Ringbrothers Mustang GT adds a supercharger, suspension upgrades, Baer brakes, a carbon-fiber body kit, custom waterborne paint, and big wheels and tires to create an optimized balance of form and function.

2013 Mustang Convertible, 3.7L V6, Six-Speed Manual Transmission - Built by Stitchcraft
Why it's cool: Stitchcraft added nitrous injection, a FlowMaster exhaust, Hotchkis coil-over suspension and big Wilwood brakes to give this pony more performance. A 3dCarbon body kit and custom paint scheme harmonize with the signature Stitchcraft custom interior to add individuality and comfort.

2013 Mustang GT, 5.0L V8, Six-Speed SelectShift Automatic Transmission - Built by DSO Eyewear
Why it's cool: A Whipple twin-screw supercharger with intercooler boosts horsepower to 750, while Eibach suspension and Brembo brakes help deliver and modulate speed. Big wheels and tires, a 3dCarbon body kit, extensive interior customization, and a booming Rockford audio system combine to set this unique build apart.

2013 Mustang GT, 5.0L V8, Six-Speed Manual Transmission - Built by Mothers, Autosport Dynamics, RTR
Why it's cool: The Mothers' team has pumped this Mustang up to 650 horsepower, added a track-ready suspension, fitted big wheels and tires, wrapping the package with an RTR carbon-fiber body kit, and finishing the cockpit in custom Sparco seats with custom upholstery. Vaughn Gittin Jr., your Mustang is ready.

2013 Ford Mustang - Built by M2-Motoring
Why it's cool: With many different generations of Mustangs, each generation has its own style and trends. With our Mustang project, we at M2-Motoring are looking to combine the ideals of all the different eras and incorporating all the newest technology available. From the custom 20" Savini forged wheels to the use of lightweight carbon fiber, weight reduction and power gains from forced induction has been utilized to improve this car's performance in every aspect.

2013 Ford Mustang "Boy Racer" - Built by 3dCarbon
Why it's cool: Coming direct from the racing strip, from which it was inspired, to the bright lights of the Vegas strip, is the 3dCarbon "Boy Racer" 2013 Mustang. An all-out showstopper of a car, it is outfitted with 3dCarbon's all-new 3rd generation Boy Racer, derived from the original award-winning kit. The interior is just as striking as the exterior, thanks to Pecca Leather, who created custom, leather-trimmed Recaro sport bucket seats, accented with red racing stripes.
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