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Raptor Refined for 2013
Like those wheels? The 17-inch forged alloy rollers are what Ford calls "beadlock-capable" and are among several revisions made to the Raptor for the new model year. The wheels come from the factory with a decorative outer ring that can be removed. Then with a beadlock ring kit available from Ford Racing the tire bead can be moved to the outside of the rim and clamped in place. Ford says this is the first time a single wheel is able to mount a tire either conventionally or with a beadlock, and Ford has applied for a patent on the system.

Also visible in the photo are the Raptor's new high-intensity-discharge (HID) headlamps and a new exterior color called Terrain. What you can't see are the truck's audio and infotainment upgrades, which include Ford's Sync system (for hands-free control of the sound system and mobile phones), and an optional 8-inch touch screen to operate, among other functions, an optional navigation system.

And here's an interesting tidbit from the '13 Raptor press release: Cloth upholstery is available "to government and fleet buyers." If you're not a fan of leather, maybe your dealer can set you up with the fabric seat covers.

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