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3 door Fiesta?

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Are we getting a 3 door hatch Fiesta in the US?
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I hope so. The st500 is a 3 door.
Yea I hope so too, the 4 5 door looks OK but not as sporty.
I hate 5 doors. I have no use for those extra doors, and they don't do anything for the look of the car.
I have really began to like the 5 door focus though.
If we do (3 door Fiesta), I pretty much know what the SVTF's replacement will be in a few years.
I guess we'll just wait and see what "a few years" brings. [;)]

I don't see myself in much of anything but a 3 door hatch.
That configurating is the perfect purpose vehicle for my needs.
focus buying! actually i really like the way the fiesta is looking
might consider the fiesta for my next car if we get a 3 door thats has some kind of performance upgrades
I'm pretty confident the Fiesta is going to be a hit here. Not sure if they are going to release a 3-door version. But you can already see the Sedan form on Ford's site.
If there is no 3 door hatch, I won't even consider buying a Fiesta.

3 doors are so sexy
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It would look really good in black.
I'm with WD40, I never would have thought of myself as a 2 door hatch guy, but after a fox body hatch and now my ZX3 focus, I can't imagine life without the utility of the rear hatch. If the new focus ends up being out of my comfort spending zone for my next car, and the fiesta doesn't come in 3 door hatch form, looks like I'll have to buy another used Focus.....-10 points for Ford.
The baby seat mod fits better in a 5 dr.

Of course when the mod is not longer needed, you have to buy a new car.
Automatically, I want to say I will only buy the 3 door hatch. But if it comes with a 1.6L diesel motor, I may be swayed to do the sedan. Can you imagine the sleeper that would be??? Tiny sedan, putting down some INSANE torque from a modded diesel engine?
Well ... my wife has spoken ... we are sticking to the 5 door when it comes out ... boo.

Oh well ... it's going to be a fun little ride.

But I still agree the 3 door looks oh so good.

See, the wife always gets her way! That's why I'm single by choice.
I am glad to see the Fiesta coming here. I've been trying to decide if I'll buy the Focus or the Fiesta in a couple years. The more I see the Fiesta, the more I like it!
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