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As Found on

Ford Fiesta S Rocking BBS RS's:

Wheel Specs:
Front's: 16x8 ET36
Rear's: 16x8.5 ET30
Tire Size: 195/45/16 all around

Vehicle Specs:
-Third stop original slightly tinted
-LRX antennas
-K & N panel filter
-80mm tailpipes INOXCAR
-15 "Thermal 1000Miglia
-Red LED Taillights
-Pre lights Darks
-Restayling lights Darks
-Rear wiper Eliminated
-H11 yellow
-Lamin-X yellow fog lamps on
-Plastic matt black
-Braided brake lines
-E-Tech Strut Brace
-Ultimate Green brake calipers
-Brembo Max
-EBC Green
-V-Maxx Coilover
-Camber shims

Definitely one cool ass Fiesta, I'd love to find me some BBS RS's in those specs and 4x108!

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Man that is nice. I have seen those kind of wheels on alot of cars from VDubs to Hondas.

If I remember correctly, those are a 2 piece rim.

RS are 3-piece and amazingly awesome and highly desired.

I can't wait to see 400 to 500 sets in one place at H2Oi in a month at the RS-together, it's gonna be awesome:

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