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If you have any info you would like to add, PM me or disciplerocks [thumb]

Dana 28 to Dana 35 TTB swap

Dana 35 TTB C-clip eleminator

Dana 44 knuckle swap on Dana 35 beams
In addition to this writeup, another way to bolt on 44 outers is to source a 92-96 full size bronco and grab the spindles out. The spindles on this year bronco (F series trucks of this year do not use the same spindle) have the same bolt pattern as the D35 spindle, so it is literally a bolt on swap [thumb]

Dana 44 solid axle info

General SAS info

Jeep Dana 30 info

Dana 44 swap with leaf springs

Early Bronco Dana 44 SAS swap

Dana 60 info

Ford 7.5/8.8 rear axle info

Explorer 31 spline 8.8 swap

Ford 9 inch info

Dana 28/35 manual hub swap

Permanently lock '98-'00 hubs

Differential, locker, and limited slip info

Ring and pinion setup specs

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