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Boredom and trashed pwr steering pumps

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Well since ff is still down, thought I'd pop in here and see whats up.
A little about the weekend...
I'm involved with a group of car enthusiasts here and have been for awhile. before iraq i was trying to get an autox started but had to leave. a friend picked the ball up and ran with it and our first was friday night. being I helped work the course I got a limited amount of runs (3 and a test). reason I only got three was I blew the seal out of my power steering on the last one. oily belts and s/c don't mix well.I took a respectable 2nd place in my class (classes were certain years and stock or modified). whats funny is a turbo'd neon took first (took him around 7 or so runs to do it tho, I held him off pretty well with my 3 runs). Some of the cars that did runs were outright awesome (not the runs, but the cars themselves) one owner, jerry who i made friends with brought out his original 66 gt40 (yes you read that right) and did a couple runs. a lotus exige, couple porsche's, mysticrome cobra, even a blown and bagged extended cab chevy and a stock jeep cherokee. everyone had a blast and wasted some tires. It was a huge hit.
Today was the car show so mine got a good soaking with simple green under the hood to get the p/s fluid off everything as well as a good wash... 15 min later rain came through [eek] so it was cleaning time again when I got to the show.
saw jerry once again there, he brought 2 of his other cars [headbang]
a light blue with racing stripe and numbering 06 gt40 and his racing heritage documented 62 ferrari testarossa (which was rebodied by ferarri at some point and all races on the chassis are documented). after talking with him I found he has more cars still that are in various stages of being restored, such as an indy car sans engine.
once again a long day, but a great time.
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Did you take any pics of the car show? ?

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