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BREAKING: Fiesta Movement Agent reports car stolen, Ford tracking it live

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Buried within the noise that is Twitter this morning was a tiny tweet from Brooklyn-based Fiesta Movement Agent Jake Bronstein:
#fiestamovement car STOLEN. No, really. Police en route now. I almost couldve predicted this somehow.
Jake's Hot Magenta Fiesta (above is the model we drove in NYC during our First Drive) is one of 100 Euro-spec models that Ford has loaned to selected "agents" across the U.S. We don't have many details, but we have confirmed with Ford spokesman Alan Hall that the car has gone missing.

Scott Monty, head of social media at Ford, has also confirmed the crime's occurrence on his Twitter page. Not only does Ford know one of its Fiestas was swiped, it's also tracking the hot property. All of the cars given to Fiesta Movement agents apparently have real-time GPS tracking devices that allow Ford to keep tabs on their whereabouts. Thus, Ford knows exactly where the stolen Fiesta is right now, which is convenient, because the local police apparently can't even locate the vehicle in their crime databases because it isn't an official U.S. offering.

As this is written, we can tell you the Fiesta is heading south on I-95 near Port Chester, CT NY. Keep your eyes peeled if you're in the area... and maybe we'll have this wayward Fiesta back home before the street lights come on in Brooklyn.

[Source: Ford, Twitter]BREAKING: Fiesta Movement Agent reports car stolen, Ford tracking it live originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 15 May 2009 15:53:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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why steal a fiesta right now? its not like it wont be hard to identify if you see it somewhere else...
That's hilarious that it has the GPS tracking system on it. Now those baddies ... will just feel like idiots not doing their homework before a crime ... also to teach them a lesson not to even think of such crimes.

Really I believe all cars should have this system paid by you insurance company ... that would be awesome as an option from your local insurance guy/gal.

Go get em' FORD.

I wanted to say this last night but I don't think the car was stolen. I think this is another marketing scheme. I am willing to bet we will get very vague details when this is all over (is it not over yet?). They should have had the car within minutes, and why would they tweet that the car was just stolen, who it belongs to and it's approximate location at that moment. It is too many details and just too weird.
I guess they are saying now that the car was towed to an impound lot and Ford accidentally tracked another agent's car at the time. That's convenient...
At the same time, if it was a marketing sceme, Id be pretty pissed off if I was the agent who lost their car. I mean yea they gave it to you, but everyone else is running around with their car, and you the one agent had to play along and be without the awesome fiesta for weeks. I'd be so mad.
So, did they get the car back?
Still sitting in the Impound lot. Most impounds need to show proof that is your car and you must pay up front ... depending on the impound the cost can be between 150 - 500 bucks just to release it ... that's not even the cost of the tow truck pulling it in.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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