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Carb rebuilt

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This year I passed down my 1965 Mustang that my mother bought new to my son, it's been in the family since day one. Here's pic of day he picked it up for the 6 hour trek home.

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He's had it about a year now and carb is starting to leak and give him issues. So I'm headed to his place for a lesson in carb rebuilding and thought I would do a short breakdown of process that I'm talking my son thru. Motor is a 351w stoked to 393. Carb is a Barry Grant Demon 750.

First we clean everything up good. I like starting with a clean engine.

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Carb removal is easy, fuel line, a few vacuum lines, throttle linkage and the four bolts to manifold. There's no transmission kickdown as it got a manual shift automatic.

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Removed the bowls, four bolts holding each one on rear had some gunk in it, accused him of driving like "Miss Daisy" and not opening the secondaries often enough.

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The front looked good.

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The metering blocks were clean.

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Bowls looked good. You can see tear in upper left gasket. Looks like I over tightened last time I had it apart.

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Here's everything laid out.

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This is where we stopped. It's one of my granddaughters birthday so that took priority. We'll finish tomorrow.
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Great write up Les. Looking forward to the second part.
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Got the carb build done.

Got the body cleaned up well. Used brake cleaner and compressed air to get rid and of crud and made sure all passages were clear.

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Then cleaned metering blocks the same way.

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Metering blocks reassembled with new parts, old parts are in front. We counted turns in on air needles and set them the same.

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All together. We measured old float level before disassembly and installed new float needles the same.

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Installed back in car.

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Cranked right up once bowls had fuel. Checked for leaks, had to adjust idle slightly, checked float level thru bowl windows, was dead on,

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adjusted air screws to highest vacuum, my preferred way, set idle, double checks for leaks, then text drive. I'm proud of my son, he did it all, he's all smiles, didn't even get my hands dirty. On test drive low end is great. Then went on top end test, did a 75 to 90 mph pull, no fuel starvation, all good.

I sure do love this car. May not be mine anymore after 57 years, but my son gets to enjoy it for hopefully many years to come and possibly generations to come with the grandkids.
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