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Chevrolet Aveo RS Concept – Auto Shows

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Chevy looks to crash Ford's fiesta with this preview of the next-gen Aveo. The new Chevrolet Aveo RS concept debuting at the Detroit auto show reveals that GM has something smart and small in the works ready to meet Ford's much-ballyhooed new Fiesta subcompact. Larger than the current Aveo and donning what Chevy calls a "European hot-hatch [...] No related posts.

Text Source: Car & Driver
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Well ... the exterior looks pretty neat and those headlights are nice.

But since the RS Focus and Fiesta are already out ... well at least in the world (Not ours) ... it's will be compared to the Fiesta ...

I don't think it will do as well as the Fiesta at all. ... but maybe this is push Ford to create a RS version for us in the states within the next 2 years.

Aveo's are generally priced prtty low. Have to wait and see how ,price wise, they compare to the Fiesta.
Don't really like the front grilll, but the back is sick!
It looks awesome, just like most concepts appealing to my demographic.

If it's going to be a rebadged Daewoo I don't want it. The Aveo niche is low budget. I'd rather take a stripped down high-end car than a souped up low-end car.

Most concepts look awesome because the engineers and designers get to have their way ..... AND THEN the legal system for cars jumps in and changes em up ...

They should leave concept cars how they were originally thought up.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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