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Chevy Beat: Potential Ford Fiesta Contender?

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What do you guys think?

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WOAH ... that thing is futuristic ...

I like the Beefy tires ... looks like a smart car on Steriods.

Thats pretty dang cool. Problem is that Government Motors doest bring out radical cars very often, and the radical design of the new camaro has eaten up their "futuristic design" quota for the next 3 years lol
OH my ICK! I don't like it at all, and frankly, it does not look like a production car at all.
I had a chance to see this concept at the NAIAS in January and believe it is now referred to as the Chevy Spark (microsite). This was supposedly coming to the US, but last week GM made an announcement they would be building a B-segment car in the US and Motor Trend has reported that car will be the Chevy Viva (sound a little too familiar to another B-segment car with a Spanish name we're all here about?). Here's the Viva. I think the Spark is smaller than the Viva, but it seems like 2 B-segment cars for Chevy would be a little risky given the low profit margins. Guess these discrepancies will get clarified as they plow through bankruptcy court.
Kinda looks like a weird bug... The Fiesta would have no problem over this thing.
Transformers ... more than meets the eye ...

I would be surprise to see that clear center console as an option in the standard car.

gross and no. i don't like that at all.

if i had to guess that car is not ready for production. there is a lot of work to be done on it.
Don't like it at all.
I like the design cues that are there, but as a whole I don't like it at all. Although I wouldn't rule out the production model entirely.

I think it's going to take a long time before GM can compete in the US market again. After they make it through this bankruptcy they are going to have to shake that image and stigma before they can become a strong competitor for Ford.
Too many chiseled fact, it's just too busy period.'s just too busy period.
That's it! You hit it right on the head.
The more I look at it ... I agree ... lot of things going on with this car ... It's like someone gave the design to a Show tuner and said have at it.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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