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Copied from FocusFanatics: 3rd Annual Mid-Atlantic Hagerstown, MD G2G - August 29th

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Disclaimer: Posted this over here about the Annual Hagerstown Cruise-In G2G from the Mid-Atlantic Crew over on FocusFanatics just incase the forum isn't back up and that way everybody coming has the info so nobody gets lost.

Meet-Up Location: Target behind Valley Mall in Hagerstown, MD

Cruise-In Location: Behind JCPenney at Valley Mall in Hagerstown, MD

What: Annual Cruise-In put on by Classic Car Group for Children Cruise-in's

Time to be at Meet-up location: 4PM

Time of Cruise-In: 5PM to 10PM

Mall Address:
17301 Valley Mall Road
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Rules / Restrictions Please observe the following rules to ensure a fun, family-friendly atmosphere:

- 400+ Cars
- Two 50/50 drawings held at the end of each night.
- DJ's playing 50's, 60's and 70's music.
- Food Available: Valley Mall Food Court, Burger King and Popeye's.
- Held to raise money for "Dream Come True" a local charity that helps terminally ill children.

Those Attending (sorry if I skip someone I had nothing to go on from Fanatics):
- kenzx3
- scrammer
- STBret
- sinister_focus
- LilMama
- ChazimusZX4ST
- EvilBlue2002
- Jgrove998
- Whitefox
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Looks like fun ... but I live to far to attend these neat meetings.

Take some pics of the action though.

thank you to Ken for copying this thread from

this event is still on schedule!!

rain is still only at 50% chance.

bring your Fiesta!!!!

Ken, this is the list

- scrammer
- whitefox
- ChazimusZX4ST
- SMITHBOY76908 - maybe
- Kenzx3
- Evilblue2002
- LilMama
- viney266
- Jgrove998
- sinister_focus'00
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rain is still only at 50% chance.
It's a 40% chance according to about 10 minutes ago.

And BTW, if it does do the "R" word, I know who said it first and who to blame [hihi]
Gonna go wash my car now and get ready for this, it should be a good meet [thumb]

EDIT: Sean I just looked at Radar is there a Do-It-Yourself Car Wash in Hagerstown near the mall?
Hey I got busy with mowing a couple of acres today, and working on my truck
I started a boredom thread
Great G2G, luckily mostly everyone made it despite the other forum being down, total of 7 really nice Foci but alas I forgot to take pics.

I think the light show really attracted some people.
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