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Well I borrowed my mom's trailer to move a few months ago and ever since then it has been at my house and I keep finding uses for it. I also was in the market for a 2wd Ranger for a project and also so I could haul stuff. Well I had decided to wait a while on the Ranger since work had slowed down and I shouldn't spend the money on it. So I came across a Ranger bed on CL for $100 and decided to go for it. I decided to go with 2" x 1/8" wall square tube for the main frame, and use some left over HREW tube for the braces.

Here is an idea of what I am trying to accomplish

Here it is on my mom's trailer

And some work on the frame

And here it is sitting on it with bolts loosely attached to keep it in line

Finally my welds were getting better

Mock up of the A frame. It is going to be about a foot shorter for a total length of 4'. The blue thing is going to be a short piece of square tube for the receiver to mount to.

Spare axle from the last axle swap on the B2, and wheels and tires from the Explorer motor donor.

But I will be using these 32s later.

Mock up.

Toying with what I want to do with the dead space.

Some work on the under side

Got a little creative flipping it

Mock up. Gonna hack one the brackets off the top one, then gusset it. The ball coupler will sit on the bottom channel and be removable. Think I am going to weld some 2" angle to either side of the top piece so it will also be removable.

I'll post better pics of function after its done.

And started on the truck side of the hitch.

Got everything tightened down and hooked it up. Pay no attention to the crap on top of the B2. Need to make a run to the scrapper.

Still a few things to finish to make it road worthy. Swivel needs trimmed and reinforced, "A" frame needs braced, wiring needs finished.

And swappable to a standard ball hitch.

Ready for its first trip.

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