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E-mail from Ford?

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Anybody else getting E-mails from Ford about the Fiesta?[woot] Got my second one yesterday.
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I got one a couple of weeks ago.
I actually started getting POSTAL MAIL in the OLD BOX from Ford with Fiesta things. Oooo It's exciting.

Yes, I"ve received two of them as well. I go to the Fiesta site about once a month. I test drove one at Carlisle. I'm sure that put me on a list.
Just got another E-mail from Ford today asking me to take a survey, clicked on the start and a message came up survey closed. Why ask me to take a closed survey?

Hoping to get one about the Drive and ride event for the Fiesta in my area the end of this week. The schedule just says look for us, we're cruising the streets. Hoping to find out where exactly since I don't have four days to drive around a city looking for one.
I haven't gotten an E-mail in weeks.[:(]
I haven't really heard anything new. I wish the Fiesta movement had a ride and drive event near my area. They were around in the city but it was during the week and I couldn't make it, not to mention they were cruising and not in a specific spot. The NYC is not a small place.
There here now in Portland cruising, through the weekend. Portland is not close to NYC in size but it will still be though to find them. By the time I check on line for real time position and drive 40 minutes they've changed places. BUMMER!!!
Just got my third one from Ford on the Fiesta yesterday.
I haven't received word in a long while from them now ... only reminders to pay my note on our Edge.

Nothing here either.
I've gotten a few now.
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