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Edward Kennedy Dies

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So for those of you who didn't know. Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy died this morning, Wednesday August 26, 2009.

He is the brother of Former President John Kennedy.

I read more about his story and really learned alot about what he did for alot of us.

Rest in peace good sir.

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Just hearing the news of his passing now. Alot of negative comments on FocusFanatics because of his drunk driving accident that took a young womans life. He served his country many years in politics. I have my opinion of him but its not my place to pass judgement on his life so I'll also say "rest in peace".
yes steve, the thread on focus fanatics turned out to be quite nasty and very disrespectful.
the facts are that a man has died despite what he might have done in life show some respect for your fellow man and don't turn this in to a Michel Jackson thing....
why does everything these days have to tie back to Michael Jackson?
honestly I did not know is real first name was Edward, I guess I assumed it was Theodore.
Some of us have no respect for a man who committed what any one on this site would have been charged with murder for. Damn elitist politicians, the only good side is that incident prevented another Kennedy president
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