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Engine Swap

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Hi everyone. Great site.

I am driving a Ford Fiesta Flair 1.4 2002. I want to swap the engine and gearbox with a Ford Fiesta 2.0 ST. Is it possible that the engine and gearbox will fit in my car??

Then original engine if my Ford is as slow as hell and i seriously want to go a bit faster from robot to robot. Can anyone please help me??
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I have just found out the engine i want to put in is the 2.0 Duratec engine. Want to put it in my Fiesta fliar mk5. Any help??
Don't have the 1.4 here in the US, so no help. The thing to check is if the block is the same, a good ford guy should know. Or start by measuring the size, and see if the engine mounts are the same.
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