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Fiesta Agents - Chapter 2 Roster

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Derek Dow and Christopher Adams - Chicago
Derek is an agent from the first Fiesta Movement, and embodies the lifestyle of the Fiesta brand. Christopher has produced four Grammy-nominated songs and is the first African American recipient of the 3D Hall of Fame Award.

John Preskitt and Aaron Enequist-Leiker - Chicago
John developed his own "green" apparel line and Aaron has Web and design capabilities.

Samuel Graber and Jen Friel - Los Angeles
Samuel was a writer and producer for "The Drew Carey Show" and other top reality TV shows. Jen is tied to her local art, music and entertainment scene and understands the importance of social marketing.

Beto Lopez and Sebastian "Serder" - Los Angeles
Beto is an agent from the first Fiesta Movement, who is a local event organizer with heavy connections in the hip-hop and break dance scene. Sebastian is also from the first Fiesta Movement and is CEO of Yoga Army, a unique women's clothing line.

Vanae Tran and Fran Larkins - San Francisco
Vanae is a life and dating coach who parallels her passion into a blog and daily Web show with a following of 19,000. Fran is a project manager who went so far as to writing a haiku for his application for Chapter 2.

Laris Kreslins and Kendra Gaeta - Philadelphia
Laris is a creative director and business development manager who was the brains behind the Toyota Yaris DIY launch. Kendra works in advertising, and has a strong passion for the art and music community, with a strong online presence.

Tim Quirino and Michelangelo Ilagan - Philadelphia
Tim is a freelance graphic designer with two personal blogs and deep ties to the music scene. Michelangelo is a Web designer who spends time checking out the foodie hot spots in Philadelphia.

Shirley Braha and Peggy Wang - New York City
Shirley is a producer and creator of the TV show "New York Noise" and is very connected to the blogger and underground music scene. Peggy plays in a popular indie rock band and is a noted fashion icon as well as professional blogger for

Monica Lo and Caitlin-Marie Miner - New York City
Monica is an art director who is extremely involved in social media and chairs industry tweetups. Caitlin is a digital animator with an effervescent personality.

Parker Reddington and Nathan Finn - Seattle
Parker is a studio engineer and producer for a recording studio who has produced more than six records and 50 shows and is very involved in the hip-hop scene. Nathan is an emcee who is well connected in Seattle, and enjoys free styling.

Keith White and Joshua Rogers - Denver
Keith started his own graffiti company at a young age, and is very influential in the art scene in Denver. Joshua is a well-known Denver graffiti artist who is currently a student.

Shane Ford and Jerry Wald - Detroit
Shane is the co-owner of The Work, a photography and video art house. Jerry is the owner of the Detroit clothing store Zeitgeist, who is a renowned photographer for musicians, actors and other prominent figures.

Austin Baker and Sunny Thaper - Phoenix
Austin is a creative director and created his own auto blog, Sunny is creative and socially connected, and hosts several tweetups to congregate friends and followers in the Phoenix area.

Jana Hicks and Satchel Jester - Atlanta
Jana is a producer at Metromix, is extremely excited about social networking and has vast experience in the entertainment and music scene in Atlanta. Satchel operates his own public relations firm, and has a keen eye for fashion design and event hosting.

Alyssa Gardina and Colin Alsheimer - Dallas
Alyssa is a marketing associate who is incredibly involved in networking herself on a professional and social level and regularly attends tweetups. Colin is a marketing manager who leads weekly podcasts and is a speaker at many marketing conventions.

Mark Baratelli and Dan Ginader - Orlando
Mark is an improv actor at one of the top theaters in Orlando and toured as an actor with Jesus Christ Superstar. Dan works at the Orlando Sentinel and produces all the creative and events for

Jonathan Paula and Jory Caron - Boston
Jonathan has the 65th most subscribed YouTube channel and is a director and producer at Ideo Productions. Jory works full-time on his YouTube projects for his sketch comedy show called Righteous TV and spends his free time enjoying the music scene in Boston.

Daniel Alvarez and Carlos Lange - Miami
Daniel curates art events in Miami, with his own art showcased in galleries in Miami. Carlos is a graphic designer and is very passionate about the local arts scene and has collaborated with a number of local artists on side projects.

Amber Roussel and Mark Austin - Houston
Amber is co-creator of AH!HA! Creative, specializing in advertising, social media and design, and is also a freelance photographer. Mark is a freelance photographer working with clients such as Rolling Stone, MSN, the Kentucky Derby and the Houston Astros.

David Brown and Zach Nielsen - San Diego
David is an entrepreneur and self-described tech-geek who develops his own blogs, Web sites and events. Zach runs a local nonprofit in San Diego promoting local artists and musicians. He regularly hosts music events and pop-up art shows, a top online radio program, and is very tapped into the music, art and surf scene.
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