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Fiesta being put thru the paces

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Burnout Radio's review of the 2009 Ford Fiesta, due in the states by 2011 We took the Fiesta through the winding roads and backyard trails of Deals Gap in Tennessee, proving that this little hatchback can take just about anything you throw at it.
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Nice video...My kind of vid....They even found some of the dirt roads down there..Awesome.

I know RIGHT where he was sitting when the guy slid into the gravel parking lot. I have taken pics from the same spot!!...Nice job guys!
Nice video ... and nice road they are on.

WAY cool video.
I still can't believe we didn't drive that road when we were back there 2 years ago. [:(]
Nice, took my Focus thru there a few months back as well as tons of other good roads down that way. BTW, was your car one of the Fiesta's at the Asheville Downtown Festival back end of July / Early August?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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