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Good read on the Fuel economy and drive feel of the Fiesta compared to the others in it's class. And on the probably not going to happen ECOnetic Engine.

Their price debat isn't really sound. 23k in europe is not the same as 23k here, beside converstions, cars are cheaper here b/c of less taxes and such. The other thing, we are getting a Gold TDI, just not with awd...why anyone would want an awd diesel car idk, you want to save money and get better gas mileage not make it worse with more weight.

Ford could get a diesel in the Fiesta if it wanted too, but theres no reason. the regular gas version is going to be fuel efficient enough for them and most people...including the government. Also I figure the main reason is that Ford america is investing their money into hybrids and electric...not diesel. Ford is coming out with EV (plug in hybrids) of the Escape, possibly the fusion and the next focus in the next few years.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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