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Fiesta Engine Pics

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Well since not many of us venture in the FiestaMovement Part of the Site.

I wanted to show you guys what one of the Agents posted of pics of the engine compartment. [cheers]

Funny his particular car was built in the Czech Republic.

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And the battery and intake are switched around. Pretty cool!
Just noticed the intake ... I think that's a whole lot better spot for the intake.

Hopefully we see a nice turbocharger under there when the US spec version comes out lol. Please put the ecoboost 4 in the fiesta.
X's 2 on the ecoboost. Not much room in there for playing around.
Like there's any in the Focus ... but when there is a will there is a way.

Like there's any in the Focus ...

Especially the Duratec equipped models.
I actually think the Duratec models have a bit more room than the Zetec Models.

No way! Not with the massive airbox we have to deal with. The fill spout for the washer fluid is actually in the passenger side fender.
Nice pics[thumb]
I can't take the credit ... credit goes to the FiestaMovement Agent that took them.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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