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FiestaTurbo site

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Look at what our fellow ford fanatics are doing across the pond with their older model fiestas ...

Fun to read the site. Makes me want to find a beat up fiesta here. ... well it's an old site ... but still fun to read.

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Nice site, its crazy that they would have to do some serious modifications to fit 17" wheels on the older Fiesta.
just cut out the finder-wells [poke]....hell I really dont know [hihi]
Talk about a custom job ... but nice.

Cool...Its nice to see the work!!
It is pretty cool to see the work that these guys come up with. Makes you kinda want a MK2 or MK3 Fiesta huh?

I guess we can settle with the New Fiesta or older VW GTi's.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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