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When it comes to full-size trucks, Ford?s F-150 is one of the best. Part of the automaker?s F-Series family of pickups, it forms the absolute bedrock of Ford Motor Company, adding untold millions of dollars to the firm?s balance sheet every year.

Underscoring this point, the F-Series range, which was introduced way back in 1948 and currently runs from F-150 to F-750, has been America?s best-selling truck family for the past 42 years and the nation?s most popular vehicle for 37. In 2018, the automaker delivered nearly 1.1 million F-Series trucks, a huge number of which were F-150s, though, unfortunately, they don?t break those sales figures out from the overall total.

Offered in some seven trim levels from the bare-bones XL version, to XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, the off-road-focused Raptor, Platinum and even top-shelf Limited, there?s an F-150 for practically everyone, even drivers that are accustomed to owning a luxury sedan.
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