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Ford Fie-Xsta

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Went to Southern California's El Toro military base today to check out the three-car Fiesta effort that Ford is hucking into this year's X Games Rally. Normally this event is a Subaru-only affair with a light dusting of Mitsu Evo for good measure. Ford hopes to change things up at this annual super special that historically features an all-STI podium. Ford's blend of Fiesta Rallycross cars and drivers could do the trick. Hit the jump to see a video of Tanner Foust's car in action as well as some pics of the other drivers going for X glory.
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Welcome to the site![welcome] Those are awesome looking cars.
Those Rockstar colors are HOT!
Man I saw the XGames rally this past week when the Fiesta was up against a Subaru WRX STI Impreza. ... Boy did that Fiesta hammer in a good smack down on it.

It was an awesome run. They did that start from opposite ends deal.

they sure did ... I was wanting to keep watching mainly them ... but ESPN XGames kept jumping back into the Skateboarding guys. Don't get me wrong I like watching those daredevils ... but I think they should have shown each event seperately for TV instead of a weird order ... Cars, Skates, Bikes, some other sport, interview then again cars .... etc ...

They should have done like Cars for 30mins, the skaters 30 mins, and so on.

I'd probably use a different term for the ones without pads and helmets on concrete than daredevils.
What would you call those in the Extreme Sport Field? ... Daring Artistic Peeps?

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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