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  • The latest Ford Fiesta has won more than 70 accolades around the world in the past 12 months
  • 14 countries and regions in Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa have so far honoured the Ford Fiesta
  • Over 540,000 Ford Fiestas sold to global customers, with more than 492,000 sold in Europe since launch in late 2008
  • No.2 best-selling car in Europe, and No.1 best-seller in its segment
  • Ford Fiesta goes on sale in North America in early 2010

Ford is celebrating a year of success for its best-selling small car, with John Fleming, Chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe, recently collecting the 26th major European honour for the Ford Fiesta in Bucharest - the Romanian Car of the Year award.

Over the past 12 months, the Ford Fiesta has been lauded across the globe, winning over 70 prestigious awards in 14 countries and regions to date - Australia, China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Indonesia, Slovenia, Spain, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Catalonia. In China alone, the Ford Fiesta has collected an astonishing 44 accolades so far!

The awards have included national and individual publications' overall Car of the Year awards and best supermini and B-segment honours - all awarded for the Fiesta's all-round qualities. Other awards have been for Fiesta's design or manufacturing excellence, and several for the Fiesta's impressive environmental performance, most notably for the sub 100g/km CO2 Ford Fiesta ECOnetic model.

"We are extremely proud of the latest Fiesta model both in terms of what it has achieved and what it represents," said Mr. Fleming. "The Fiesta is one of the vehicles that is key to how Ford Motor Company is transforming itself globally. We're delighted that so many car buyers have chosen it, and that so many opinion formers have acknowledged its many strengths."

The large number of accolades the car has received highlights how well it has been received by the global media.

More importantly though, is the success new Fiesta has met with from customers, with over 540,000 examples sold since the car was launched just over a year ago. Of those, over 492,000 sales have been in Europe, where Ford Fiesta is the No.2
best-selling car overall, and the No.1 top-seller in its segment year-to-date.

"With the Ford Fiesta continuing its global rollout in North America in early 2010, we hope it is only a matter of time before our best-selling car adds to its impressive collection of accolades," Mr. Fleming added.
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