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Ford Fiesta - Key Features

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These are some key features on the existing UK Ford Fiesta. Hopefully most will be transfered over when its released here.

Headlamp courtesy delay

Flash the left stalk and the headlights will stay on for a few seconds to illuminate the way to your door. Attractive, intelligent and thoughtful - how can you resist?

Ford Easy Fuel
You wouldn't want to spoil things by putting the wrong fuel in your new Fiesta. So its ingenious fuel inhibitor only accepts the correct nozzle for your car to prevent misfuelling.

MP3 and USB connector

Plug in your MP3 player and you can access it directly through an AUX jack or via a USB port. Bluetooth®* with Voice Control
Why use your hands to access entertainment and information? Just talk to your new Fiesta.

Rain-sensing wipers and auto-headlights
New Fiesta will take care of the mundane functions, just sit back and enjoy the drive.

No more rummaging for your keys, the new Fiesta will open at the mere touch of a button on the door or boot handle.

FordPower Starter Button

Starting the car is as easy as engaging the clutch, or brake pedal on an automatic, and pressing a button.

Park Assist
New Fiesta will help you glide effortlessly into the tightest of parking spaces.

Quickclear heated windscreen
Snow, ice and condensation clear away in just a few seconds.
Power-fold mirrors with integrated indicators
These electric mirrors fold in to prevent accidental damage when parked. Stylish integrated indicators alert others to directional changes when driving.

Exterior styling

Ford kinetic Design is about energy in motion, and the new Fiesta epitomises the very essence of this idea.
A large, inverted trapezoid grille leads the eye out towards the new Fiesta's toned, athletic shoulders. The raised bonnet line and pronounced wheel arches add to this air of athleticism, while sleek, swept-back headlights surrounded by chrome detailing create sophisticated jewel-like accents. The new Fiesta's rising bodyside beltline sweeps up towards a high rear light cluster, maintaining a coupe-like wedge shape that gives it a look of pent-up energy. The car really does encapsulate Ford kinetic Design in its purest form.

Interior styling

Take the wheel and your eyes will be drawn to the striking instrument panel, while intuitive controls fall naturally to hand.
Futuristic, yet instantly comfortable, the new Fiesta welcomes you with warm, ambient lighting, while the dashboard surrounds and envelops both you and your front seat passenger individually. The interior fabrics and colours, even on the door trims, co-ordinate beautifully and are sure to provoke comparisons with designer fashion brands. At every turn, stylish flourishes catch the eye. If you are an admirer of branded consumer electronics, you'll find our innovative technology just as advanced and ergonomic.
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I actually noticed that the lower body kit add on is available for the Zetec/Duratec 1.6 models and not the 1.4 models as a standard.

Yea, like i said, they need to bring the 3 door, that light blue one with the lip kit looks so sick. It has all the character that made me fall inlove with the Focus ZX3
Love the dash and instrument panel!
The Whole start button with Wireless FOB is just plain awesome.

Park Assist?
Some of those features listed are pretty cool, and I love the 3 door!
But, Park Assist? When are people going to actually learn how to drive for a change?!
^ I agree, a car this size does not need this feature!
Goes to show how bad of drivers are really on the road.

Park assist on a car that small??? The Fiesta will fit into a shopping cart corral!
Goes to show how bad of drivers are really on the road.
Exactly my point. [^]
Wish I had all those options on my car...
I wonder how well the wiper Detects work ... would it start with some sprinkle or would it only work when a bucket of water he the car. hmmm

I can see this function falling apart quick and becoming annoying.

Love the dash and instrument panel!
I still say the center stack looks like a huge kick ass Decepticon symbol[headbang]
I see it now ... nice. I have a feeling someone is going to get the Purple one and put a decepticon sticker on it.

That steering wheel would look great with a set of paddle shifters on it.
Eh Paddle shifters ... they are over rated ... I've driven a ferrari and Jag with Paddle shifters they don't shift very nice at all to me.

(Had a buddy whose dad use to write reviews for exotic cars.)

Interesting observation.[:D]
Holy cow!
That's an uncanny resemblence!
Interesting observation.[:D]

I don't think I would have made that connection myself, but I can really see it now.
As far as the easy fuel goes, I think that has been standard on american cars for quite a while.
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