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Design Preference: Ford Fiesta or Mazda 2?

Ford Fiesta or Mazda 2?

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Which design do you guys like prefer?

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Wow! Twins! I'd still go with the Fiesta.
Thats a tough choice, I think I like the Mazda I like the sideskirts and spoiler. I like the Mazda headlights and the Fiesta front bumper, I also prefer the fiesta foglights. I like the placement of the mirrors on the Mazda instead of the little glass on the fiesta, and I like the rear of the Mazda better also.

If only I could just piece the parts I like on one of them. LOL
That is a tuff one. I had to go with the Mazda tho. I like the front bumper/grill better.
I am going to say fiesta for it was the original design of this look.

Well seeing both cars everyday here on the streets, the Fiesta blows a rather low rent looking Mazda2 away. Inside and out the Fiesta looks like a much more premium type car.

The photo used in the 1st post is the Tamaru Special Editon which looks very nice in pictures, but in the flesh the Mazda2 just doesn't have that highend look the Fiesta has.
Even moreso once you move inside these 2 cars, the Fiesta is miles ahead in the refinement department and IMO design.
Mazda2 IMO gives a very cheap low rent impression in the flesh.
I also think the hype of the fiesta overwhelms the rest ... kinda like the hype of the iphone overwhelmed the other touch screen phones.

Everything gets compared to the original starter.

Fiesta all the way. I'm kind of disgruntled with Mazda and their styling choices. Not saying that the 2 isn't good looking. It definitely is worthy, but not as much as the Fiesta.
I'm probably one of the few people here that prefers the 5-door Fiesta to the 3-door, but the way the Fiesta's headlight is shaped really sets the front of the car off. Plus, the Mazda has what is becoming an unfortunate Japanese car design motif--the pig nose bulge containing the brand logo in the grille. That and the lack of coherent, flowing lines on the Mazda makes me all the happier the Fiesta is coming to the US. It just works so well together at every angle.
Would have to go with the Mazda 2. Don't get me wrong, I do like the Fiesta but I like the lloks of the Mazda 2s front end better.
The only gripe I have against the Fiesta is it's side mirror placement. They look out of place where they are mounted. Should be higher where that small window is. It would just flow so much better with the beltline of the car
I really don't like the Mazda at all. While I'm sure they are great cars, I've never found anything about any model of Mazda appealing.
Not even the MazdaSpeed 3 ? ? No "Zoom-Zoom" for you theDocta?

Nope, no speed3 for me, not even the rare speed6. Just not my cup of joe.
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