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The new Ford Fiesta is off to a very fast start - with more than 1,000 reservations in less than a week on a new Web site that allows consumers to build, price and reserve the new car.

"The Fiesta Movement created an unparalleled awareness and interest for the Fiesta months ahead of it going on sale next summer," said Lew Echlin, car marketing communications manager. "Fiesta Reservations provides these prospective customers a customized experience for researching, reserving and following their Fiesta."

The Fiesta Movement helped generate momentum for Fiesta and resulted in more than 80,000 hand-raisers leading up to the car's reveal at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Fiesta Reservations program will hold the interest of potential customers, and give them a VIP experience in conjunction with Ford dealers.

Through the program, consumers who reserve a new Fiesta will receive prioritized order handling with automatic build updates, their personal Fiesta Reservations consultant, and SYNC® and Premium Sound package, worth $595, at no charge once their vehicle is delivered. With a vehicle purchase, participants will be able to share their vehicle information through social media sites like Facebook.

Fiesta reservations have come from 47 states, with customers from California, Florida, Texas, New York and Illinois leading the way in reservations. The program also will provide Ford with a better understanding of mix rates as well as accessory interest, as this is the first time prospective customers can build and price their Ford accessories.

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I personally am not satisfied with the restrictive option packages available. For instance, you cannot order both leather seats and the Super Fuel Economy options at the same time. Who is the marketing dweeb who thinks that these should be two mutually exclusive options?
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