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Ford Fiesta Sport

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Here are some latest pictures of the Ford Fiesta Sport+ 3-Door Hatch

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Not a huge fan of those wheels, but overall looks like a win to Me.
Looks good! Why is it that every pic of the fiesta they all have fog lights, but then when you build one through ford you get the led bar??
Because (sadly) every one you see with fog lights is a European model.
That is quite nice ... I just would like the Strips off the top and put on the side.

those wheels dont look too good..but other than that its pretty hot
Looks like a fun car, will it have the Eco-boost?
From what I have read it won't come with it right away, but maybe later this year or early next year. But then again how many times have we got our hopes up for something only to have them dashed and stomped upon by Ford lol.
I'm trying very hard to convince my brother to by this car :).
He should.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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