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Ford Fiesta ST500

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Ford Fiesta ST500

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I'll take two
Needs a drop IMHO but I like the car, its so small its "cute" I can really see all the smartcar crowd switching.
I love it. I would really be interested in that.
I keep seeing Mini Cooper with those big headlights.
Especially from this angle:

Otherwise, it gets my thumbs up.
The headlights remind me of a Toyota MR2 Spyder.
I saw this gen Fiesta all over the place in Mexico. They look really nicely proportioned in person.
not the ST500, but we get a few of that generation of Fiesta here in AZ from south of the border, they do look better in person.
hmmm. i see they used a lot of focus parts. compatibility FTW!
So what makes the ST500 different? Other than looking like a mini-focus, what sets this apart from the other fiestas? Is this a earlier gen? It doesnt look like the Fiesta I am so anticipating to come stateside.

Sorry for the dumb question, but I figured I ought to learn these things before fiestafly becomes open to teh public.
The ST 500 was an Mk5 Fiesta. It was a special run limited to 500 vehicles. The Fiesta coming to the U.S. is an Mk6.

2009 Ford Fiesta ST500 Specifications
Engine Type 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder
Horsepower 150 hp
Paint Special edition black with metallic gray hood and body stripes exclusive to Fiesta ST500
Wheels 17 in. 11-spoke black alloy wheels
Brakes Red-painted calipers
Seats Heated Black Leather
Accents Carbon Fiber Trim
Base Price: 2009 Ford Fiesta ST500 - GBP 15,000. (Approx. $29,500 USD)
2009 Ford Fiesta ST500 Pictures

2009 Ford Fiesta ST500

Why is it that Ford, an American automaker, keeps the Yankees away from all the best sporty Fords?

There are Ford sport compact cars for the European market, such as this 2009 Ford Fiesta ST500. There are killer sport sedans the Aussies get, such as the FPV Falcon GT. We have the Mustang. Though Ford has confirmed it is bringing a sub-Focus compact, fuel efficient Ford model to the United States, it may or may not be the Fiesta.

Ford has not had an affordable performance compact car since the SVT Focus disappeared in 2004.

Looking at the specs on this killer little 2009 Ford Fiesta ST500 pocket rocket, Ford of Europe has something going for them. The Fiesta ST500 has enough power and weight-saving technology to blow the doors off many US-market sport compact cars.

We can only hope that Ford USA will come to its senses and bring their best cars back to the land where it all got started.

Courtesy Ford of Europe:

* Fiesta ST500 special edition
* Panther black metallic paint
* Black alloy wheels
* Red brake callipers - a first for any Fiesta
* Silver bonnet and side stripes
* Prices start at £15,000

BRENTWOOD, 10 June, 2008 -A special edition Ford Fiesta ST packed with extra equipment is set to thrill Fiesta fans across Britain. Priced from £15,000 and called ST 500, it will be limited to just 500 and will be distinguished by unique styling touches and extras.

The Fiesta ST is renowned for its punchy 2.0-litre 150PS engine, sports-tuned steering, lowered and stiffened sports suspension and short-shift, close ratio gearbox which creates its exciting ride. The sporting heritage of the best Ford cars is carried on to this special edition with unique 'U'-shaped stripes; designed to echo the livery of the classic Escort RS2000, and matching side livery.

The Fiesta ST500's features include 17in 11-spoke black alloys, red brake callipers and carbon fibre pattern interior trim. The interior also features a Sony audio system and ebony leather heated seats.

Copied from this site:

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We can only hope that Ford USA will come to its senses and bring their best cars back to the land where it all got started.
^^^I'll 2nd that!
If I had this car I would not be nice to it. I would drive the hell out of it every day because it looks like so much fun.
I would like the extra performance of the ST500 in the regular 1.6 Fiesta Body ... this ST500 seems to have a more (as some one else said) "MiniCooper" kinda front and seems to also be a tab bit bulkier.

Very cool! I like it. I cant wait to see what FRPP is going to come out with for these cars.
They wont bring any really good cars to the us, cause if it is better than a mustang, its sacrilege.
definitely sits too high!! also, what kind of power output difference over stock base models?
The Stock Fiesta:
Engine 1.4L 16V duratec = 95HP / 92lb ft Torque
Engine 1.6L 16V duratec = 118HP / 112lb ft Torque

Now this is at the crank.

Looks to be a 30-50 or so HP difference.

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