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More than nine months before the 2011 Ford Fiesta goes on sale in North America, the new small car can claim more than 50,000 potential customers, and 97 percent of them would be new to Ford, thanks to Ford's groundbreaking Fiesta Movement.

Ford took a nontraditional approach with the Fiesta Movement initiative, using a fraction of a typical marketing and advertising budget and relying on social media to drive the buzz. This means huge dividends for the brand - Fiesta awareness is running at the same level of a nameplate that has been on the market for two to three years.

"We didn't break the bank. We didn't use traditional media. We tried something different, and it is working" said Connie Fontaine, Ford Brand and Content Alliances manager. "We're delighted with how Fiesta is gaining traction with consumers. It's a whole new way of introducing a car to market."

The Fiesta Movement promotes Ford's new small car through 100 socially vibrant "agents" who have been driving Euro-spec Fiestas and taking part in monthly themed "missions" such as volunteerism, adventure, and style and design. After each mission wraps, the agents relate their experiences through the realm of social media.

Social networking sites allow Ford to meet consumers it might not connect with through traditional advertising, making it easier to open dialogue with a whole new set of consumers. The Fiesta Movement also realizes that people trust people like themselves and that everyone has a car story, and has successfully leveraged this as a platform from which to promote a new car.
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