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  • Three television commercials for the all-new Ford Fusion debut this week and show viewers how and why this sleek new sedan outshines the competition
  • In one of the new ads, all other vehicles on the road become invisible while the new Fusion remains, standing apart from the crowd. In another, a Fusion drives over a cliff showing off "the one thing" the car cannot do
  • The ads are part of an integrated launch campaign that builds on the "Random Acts of Fusion" digital series starring Ryan Seacrest and print ads developed with input from Chinese artist Liu Bolin

If there's one thing commentators agree on when talking about the all-new Ford Fusion, it's that this is one midsize sedan that people really notice. This is the theme of the surprising launch campaign for the car, which debuts this week.

These words open the debut television commercial for Ford's all-new midsize sedan, which is part of the new campaign that shows how this revolutionary new vehicle sets itself apart from the competition.

"The media launch of the Fusion will showcase how Ford is shaking up the bland midsize sedan segment," said Jim Farley, group vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service. "Why do car buyers have to sacrifice styling and forward-looking design for fuel economy? They don't."

At the center of Fusion's design inspiration was the goal to achieve unparalleled fuel economy. The new Fusion is designed with the driver in mind, offering functional design elements that enhance its sleek exterior. Unique to Fusion is a range of engines including a normally aspirated engine, two EcoBoost® engines, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid model.

Beginning this month, three TV advertisements will debut during a mix of prime-time network programming and various broadcast sporting events. The first spot shows Fusion as the only car left standing as all the other vehicles on the road become invisible. The second twist features a Fusion driving off a cliff, demonstrating "the one thing" the car cannot do. The final spot shows other cars moving backward while Fusion moves forward, going further toward its destination.

The advertisements make note of the Fusion's strong fuel economy including 47 mpg combined in the Fusion Hybrid and 100 MPGe in the plug-in electric model.

Building on digital, print campaigns
The new TV advertisements build on the momentum developed by the prelaunch digital series "Random Acts of Fusion" starring Ryan Seacrest and a new series of print ads developed with Chinese artist Liu Bolin. Two million people visited the Random Acts of Fusion website generating nearly 12 million video views. During the course of the prelaunch, Fusion picked up 100,000 new fans on Facebook.

The successful Random Acts of Fusion campaign will be extended through the vehicle launch in digital and social channels evolving to provide individual experiences to new fans (and skeptics) of the car. For example, in one video Ford surprises a follower named Michael who is skeptical of the EcoBoost engine's performance. Ford shows up at Michael's door with a new Fusion and takes him out for a hot lap on a nearby racetrack.

The advertisements showcase the all-new Fusion's sleek new design and how it brings alive the next generation of more expressive vehicles from Ford.

In addition to its fresh face, Fusion offers the broadest selection of fuel-efficient powertrains in the midsize segment. It offers hybrid and plug-in hybrid alternatives, a pair of EcoBoost four-cylinder engines, a normally aspirated four-cylinder engine, front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive applications and a choice between automatic and manually shifted six-speed transmissions.

The new Fusion is on sale now at Ford dealerships.
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