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Ford near the top of the automaker lead...

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Found this small blurb regarding Ford's progress in the auto world with a cameo appearance of the Fiesta production line.

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You know ... I wouldn't mind being a part-timer at one of these assembly-lines.

It's good that Ford is starting to get back on the US map ... Hopefully they will keep it up.

Neither would I. Piecing cars together on an assembly line would beat my daily grind anyday of the week.
Or better yet ... be one of the car testers that test NEW CARS to Desctruction (Quote from Jeremy Clarkson on the Cheap Porshe Episode)

Anyways ... that would be cool.

My dream is to work at a Ford assembly line one day. I am giong to school to be an instrument tech (I design, build, program, maintain, and fix automated assembly lines) and i think it may be an obtainable dream. Probably going to a refinery first thing out of school to get my feet wet for a couple years, then we will see where life takes me.

If I do work for Ford I will make sure and keep all my peeps here updated on Ford's awesome new products! lol
^^ Well with in confidential reason ... we wouldn't want you to lose your job over a slight insight in the FoMoCo.

it would be better than my job. law office whore sucks.
lol Good point ray. Cant imagine how much it would suck to lose my dream job because I couldnt keep my mouth shut lol
yeah getting canned over praising a company you work fors product would really blow
Anti-trust laws suck ass...
Even my industry is beginning to break out rules for not sharing company secrets....sheesh.
Yeah, seems like every company out there has some sort of anti-trust laws in effect.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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