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He is in first right now but lets widen the gap!

Hi everyone! For those who don't know me, I have a 2003 SVT Focus that will soon be getting a body conversion to the Mk1 RS! [:D] Here is my car just before heading to Carlisle a month ago:

And this is a concept of what it will ultimately look like!

One of the major things holding me back is not having a decent set of 18" wheels to install once I do the bodywork... however, fifteen52 is holding a Photoshop contest and the winner gets a free set of 18x8.5 fifteen52 Tarmac wheels! This is what they look like:

And what they could look like once installed on my car:

But I need your votes to make it happen! One of the plus sides for everybody is that if I win, my set of wheels will be drilled to 4x108, and with enough interest, they can make our bolt pattern a regularly-offered option! [headbang]

Here's how to vote: first, go to fifteen52's Facebook page and "Like" their page here:

Second, click on my entry and "Like" that, too:

Here is what my entry looks like:

And that's it! The contest ends at the end of Monday and I could really use everybody's help... I'm in third place at the moment (out of over 400 entries!!!). Thank you for your help! [thumb]
This is the CHOP he is up against. Voting ends tomorrow

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