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This is the Hobart plasma cutter that has the self contained air compressor, 110V cuts up to 1/4", or so advertised. My buddy bought this unit brand new from rural king less than a month ago, first time i got to try it out, so here is my findings...
I needed to cut out 2 circles, about 4.5" in diameter, out of 1/4" mild steel plate. I'll start by saying it is a nice little unit, starts quick and runs ok. Thats about it on the good my testing. The bad, i ran less than a 1/4 of the first circle, and it overheated. It has an overheat safety where it wont fire til it cools down, usually about 2 minutes. It wouldn't blow the slag all the way through, causing a puddle to form and melt the lower plate together, forcing you to make another pass, also making the cut less than precise. It rated at 12 amps, yet it popped the 20 amp breaker the unit was plugged in to 3 separate times, no other devices were on the circuit at the time of tripping the breaker (building and electrical less than 5 years old). After about 20 minutes of fighting with the unit, i finally completed my 2 circles, which by the way are completely useless due to the multiple passes it took to completely cut the material. The label on the cover said for 1/4" it does about 3" per minute, that 20 seconds per inch!

My conclusion, I believe this machine would be great at half its rated capacity. Also, for anyone thinking of getting a plasma cutter, go straight for a 240V machine for anything over 1/8"...

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