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Gets more V8
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On some vehicles, most notably Ford's 460 (7.5) there are restrictive tubes or "venturis" installed. They're shaped like an air horn. These greatly reduce the amount of air the engine can get, either for emissions reasons, reliability reasons or a combination of both. I don't recall the exact reason why Ford did this, but I'll find out monday [cheers].

I'll also get some pictures to supplement this how-to. In the mean time, I can explain what you need to do!

-You'll notice that the main intake tube is pretty much two parts. Right where the air box connects to this tube is where the venturis are installed. There is one per tube, so there are two total that you need to remove.

-Remove the intake tube from the throttle body and the air box to make it easier to work on.

-Look inside the end of the tube. Notice the restriction? You get to cut this part out. A hacksaw works well and a sawzall works better BUT! Please make sure not to cut too far and make a hole in the main intake tube. All you need to do is make a single cut the length of the venturi so you can collapse it within itself.

-Reach in there and pull each venturi out. Clean out any excess plastic and reinstall the intake tube and airbox if you had to remove that.

-start it up and go for a drive! [headbang]

Note that I don't know how much extra power it makes, but does make a heck of a difference especially if you tow or haul quite a bit.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage or injury as a result of this mod. Be safe and have fun!
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