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My seals were leaking everytime I used 4wd, and I was installing a helical LSD anyway so I replaced them. If yours are leaking, but you hardly ever use 4wd then I suggest just topping your fluid off if you use it. The entire axle has to be stripped down and the carrier pulled in order to get to them.

This was done on a 78-79 high pinion Dana 44, but I am sure the procedure is the same or similar for low pinion, Chevy, Dodge, or Jeep 44s.

Here is the old seal. Pay attention to how far in it is.

Get your self a long piece of 1/2" pipe and beat it out from the outside.

Here it is removed, and next to the new seal.

Find something round to beat the new one in with. It needs to be big enough in diameter so you don't damage the seal, and shallow enough that you can swing a hammer at it inside the housing. I used a 1 1/2" socket.

Reinstall everything just as you removed it. Make sure your races and carrier shims stay to the correct side.

Here's my new LSD installed.
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