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I I spotted Austins' FM Today(56k, IDK, My BFF Jill?)

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Hey All, I had just installed My black painted headlights and was hunting for some good places to take some pics, and came across This:

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Thanks, it was so random, and not exactly on the "beaten path", that I would come across this particular car, is exceptionally unlikely.
Lucky you. Wanted to see them when they were in my area but one weekend cruising the streets in a city and another three hours away when the wife already had the weekend planned.
Nice ... shots J ... Did you ever get a chance to meet the owner? ? ?

No such luck there, Ray. I actually hung around for about 15 minutes making it quite obvious I was taking pics, but Nobody showed....Maybe next time, I'm gonna check that same lot Today, as I think the Owner works there.
Kidnap him, wash the Fiesta, and take it for a nice long drive.
Cool ... you should find out where he works .... or better yet ... go to Customer Service then have them announce "The Driver with the Ford Fiesta Please Move your car before it gets towed" ... something along those lines. Then wait outside to meet and greet the lucky Bast#$%. [paranoid] .... I mean Fellow Ford Driver. [:p]

^^^^That's a better idea.
I have seen this red fiesta only ONE time passing me in opposite direction on 71W. It definitely catches your attention. Good find!
^^ And you didn't chase him down .... lol ... j/k. Though it would be TX driving to do that ... but we here are sane people.

I would have, but I was driving a Fuel Tanker Truck. In my Focus, I would have stalked the Fiesta for sure!
^^ Stalker ^^ hehehehe.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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