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Issue out of the blue with 2012 Fiesta S 5spd

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A couple weeks back I went out to start my car and it wouldn't start. It would crank and when I would release the key from start position it continued to crank. I couldn't get it to start. Tried everything. Put car in neutral made sure clutch was in all the way. My mileage was at 2300 miles. Anyone might know the issue. I could only think electrical? Reason for the starter to continue to crank. Hasnt happened again but took about 10 minutes to finally get my car started. I am @ 3600miles now.
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Hmmm, if the clutch switch wasn't all the way in. It wouldn't even crank over. So thats not it.
Was the same "key" used the whole time? Sounds like it might be a passlock issue with the key. If it does it again. Keep a spare splug around and see if the car has spark when you turn it over. IF you have a friend around. This trick takes two :)
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