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OK, not specifically a joke but happened recently and was funny. I care for an old building on the side and go there daily to service the steam boiler and do the required safety tests. I went last Friday early in the morning and got my work done. When it was time to leave the driveways that wind around the building had 8" of fresh un touched snow on them. The 12 year old me who lives in my head immediately decided it was a fantastic idea to put the truck in 4WD and take traction control off for some hot laps rally style around the building...

Well, I had an absoulte BLAST cutting the prettiest arcs in the fresh snow for a few minutes then decided I'd make one lst swing into the driveway out of the property. Well, during the big finally the back wheel touched a snow bank and pointed me straight into the ditch on the other side. I dropped the drivers front wheel in a couple feet. Just enough I couldnt crawl back out. I deserved it, I was being a goof but I did have a riot...

Any way, with the rear passenger wheel barely touching the ground and any wheel spin causing me to slide in farther I called CAA for a tow.

I was about 40 feet from the road and in full view. Just a couple minutes before the truck was going to arrive a guy in a Dodge slows down and pulls in. He sees the arcs in the snow and is laughing, so am I. "Looks like you had a blast for a while" "Yeah, I did. - I got a wheel off the ground and no traction - I called for a tow"

He said he had a tow strap and offered to pull me out. I told him thanks but no. I said "I got confirmation the truck is literally 2 minutes away, and besides, I can't let a Dodge pull me out - what will the boys say??" He laughed and said yeah, I suppose you have a point... just them the CAA Dually Superduty pulled in.
Now that's not the story you told me, I pictured something more like this as you said everything was under control and winning the race. :laughinghard:

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