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Kas and Coffee at Ford's Premier Automotive Group

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2010 Ford Ka - Click above for high-res image gallery

Look what we spotted at the weekly Cars & Coffee gathering today in Irvine. Right there amidst the Cobras, Ferraris, Ariel Atoms and Toyota 2000GTs sat a perfectly ordinary looking 2009 Ford Ka. Well, it was an ordinary 2009 Ford Ka, but its presence in California was rather surprising. After all, Ford hasn't said that they are going to be bringing this European COTY nominee to these shores any time soon.

Does this add credence to the notion that this little Fiat 500 platform-mate might be headed Stateside or is it just a typical example of models from other markets getting passed around to U.S. operations for a little looky-loo? Ford reps on hand were tight-lipped, but we did hear one mention the "Mazda1" in passing. Since Mazda shares the parking lot with Ford at this site, it's possible Mazda was taking a closer look at it as well.

Whatever the official line, we noticed quite a few show-goers giving it appreciative glances. While some were lamenting the time when these tiny European shuttles might be mandated as replacements for their high horsepower sports cars, others seemed to admire the lines and packaging, especially when price and gas mileage came up. If the special editions are part of the deal, we say bring 'em over! Whatever Ford decides to do with this little Ka, we'll try to keep you posted. Until then, check out our gallery below.

Gallery: 2009 Ford Ka at Cars & Coffee

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