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:::::Local Gas Prices:::::

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Post 'em here.
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$2.39 - $2.55 a gallon for 87 octane, here.
Just jumped from $2.55 to $2.75 yesturday.
I filled my Edge (the daily) at 2.65/gallon today

And my SVT Fofo at 2.97/gallon <--Yikes ...

You guys are crazy. I fill up maybe once a week, sometimes more if a drive a lot, and I never bother to look at the price per gallon. The thing is, I need the gas, f I look at the price and don't like it, what am I going to do, not buy it?
Yeah ... but many people are all about trying to saving the penny or two ... so price shopping for Good Priced-Gas spots is becoming the next big "Window Shop".

2.75 to 2.90

I fill my van up about three times a week, I noticed that it is now taking over 50 each fill up.
I see your point, however, the my focus has a 13 gallon tank, so even a $0.02 per gallon price difference will only equal a $0.26 difference in cost for a full tank of fuel, and unless you drive by many gas stations daily (I don't), driving out of your way to save $0.26 is a little silly. For me, with my gas consumption, I would be lucky to save $2.00 a month by price comparing different stations, and that is assuming I don't use any more fuel by driving out of my way to get to the lower prices.
For someone who fills up daily or has a vehicle that uses more gas and has a larger tanks, and fills up more often, it might have a small impact on gasoline spending, but nothing significant.
It seems everytime I look, it goes up 5-10 cents a gallon. Its getting ridiculous and I hope it slows down. We going to be back at above 3 dollars in no time for no reason at all...again. The price of the barrel has not gone up this much yet pump prices are skyrocketing.
Gas prices has gone up $0.10 from last week. Average for Regular Unleaded in Austin, TX is $2.40.
^^^I thought you were in AZ.

$2.48-$2.59 a gallon for 87 octane.
That's right TOM is a TEXAN NOW !!! LOL

Sorry to hear that....[:D]
$2.46 - $2.65 for 87 octane.
When I was in Dallas, TX this past weekend ... it was 2.71 for 93 and when I made it back to Houston, TX it was 2.94 for 93 ... wow ... but I also noticed it depends on where you are in the cities and/or state.

Because driving down the highway and passing some of the smaller towns I saw it as low as 2.64 for 93.

1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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