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We got a call from Mission Control telling us to "Grab a friend, blindfold them, drive them to a place they know and see if they can guess where they are." Which we intepreted as "Grab a friend, take them to the middle of nowhere, dump them off with the Fiesta, and tell them to find their own way back to civilization."

So, of course we chose Jini. She's the voice you hear at the beginning of all our podcasts, and we wanted to say thank you for all the hard work she does for us. And as we all know there is no better way to say thank you to a friend then dumping them off all by themselves in a strange place with no directions home.

So, needless to say we failed gloriously. Not only did we get the mission instructions wrong, as it turns out, the middle of nowhere we picked out for the mission happened to be right down the street from Jini's friend's house.

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