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By Bryan Redeker

In a nasty trick of nature, the rain stopped shortly after the show ended and the sun came out. We followed our friends' downtown and talked about what cars we liked best at the show. Our group headed into the Brown County Winery tasting room to enjoy some of the best wine in the area. A few more shops after than, then it was time for dinner. Tradition has been to eat at a place called "The Ordinary", which has great food and a creepy painting that watches you while you eat. Sure enough, we are seated next to the painting. Silliness ensues as the effects of the beer and wine take over. After dinner, a couple of last shops and it is time to go back into the park. We get cleaned up, and head to the awards banquet. I was able to get to the banquet hall in time to catch the head of SVT and the GT500 designer give their presentations. Truly fascinating stuff!

With the completion of the presentations, the awards begin to be handed out. There was only one Mustang in our group of friends that made it to the show, so we all waited patiently as they started the awards. The class the Fiesta was placed in would be the last one to be called, so we have a long time to wait. Soon the announcers arrived at the 2007 Mustang class, and our friend Dave Kujawski's name was called for first place in this class. Eventually, the Special Interest class was announced. Third place was called out first, and then second place. So far, no trophy for the Fiesta. First place was announced, and it wasn't the Fiesta. Oh well, we tried for a trophy and failed. The Fiesta did however receive a lot of exposure to a group of die-hard Ford fans. In the big scheme of things, it is more important to gain exposure than to win a trophy. I keep telling myself that even though I really wanted to win. We congratulate Dave on his win, and head back to the hotel room to think about our loss.

The next morning seems to come early, and we are once again awaken by the sounds of pushrod V8's. I don't think there is a better way to wake up, well maybe, but they may not be family friendly. Suitcases are packed, breakfast is over, and we say our goodbyes. We thank the organizers for all of their hard work, and tell them we will be back next year. We say goodbye to our friends that we only see once a year at the show. Most of them have known me since I was just a child. The Fiesta is packed up with the suitcases, bottles of wine, an assortment of purchased goods, and car cleaning supplies. Captain Slow left prior to us in my SVT Focus, and we venture a guess that we will catch him on the way home. The Fiesta navigates thru the twisty roads of the park one last time, and then under the famed covered bridge. I make a quick stop to snap a picture of the Fiesta with the bridge in the background. I have similar pictures of my Mustang, my 2000 Focus ZX3, and my SVT Focus. Getting the picture is a long standing tradition that dates back to the early origins of the car show. Sadly, many of these traditions were cut from our mission film due to time constraints. Six hours after taking the picture in front of the bridge, the Fiesta returns home to Grand Haven.

Mission accomplished, but the work is only starting for Brandon. Hours of footage will turn in to 20 hours of editing. For the next week, he will sit at the computer putting together the film. As the mission video is completed, work now turns to how to get the Mustang back to the car show for next year. We have a plan, and have 49 weeks to get the Mustang ready. I expect to be taking a Fiesta in 2011, so next year will be it for the Mustang to make a return.

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