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Motor Trend: 2010 Ford Fiesta

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{{{Honda Fit}}}, {{{Nissan Versa}}}. {{{Toyota Yaris}}}. Sub-compact-size models that manufacturers now refer to as "B"- class cars. Some thought America didn't care. Then crude oil passed $100 a barrel and gas prices approached four bucks a gallon. People care now and are buying these B-cars. Ford sold its original Fiesta here three decades ago. It was a hit, and the Blue Ovals are hoping for a repeat performance with the new one, which hits our shores in calendar year 2010.

Ford teased us with several concept cars named Verve, all of which point to the new production version, which is globally named Fiesta. It goes on sale this fall in Europe and other markets in three- and five-door hatch variants. The sedan version, with a conventional trunk, is currently being designed for the U.S. and Asia and isn't pictured here. But it's not hard to figure what it'll look like. "Take the five-door Fiesta," says Ford global design chief J Mays, "and graft on the trunk of the Verve sedan concept, and you'll be 99 percent there." The overall package is more substantial looking than the Fit and better proportioned than the Versa. The jury is still out on whether or not the hatchback model Fiestas will be sold here.

Mays' team put extra effort, and dollars, into the cabins. The I.P. designs are sweeping, with deep, pod-like gauges, and the center stack has a "personal electronics" feel. "I believe this is one B-car that has C-car amenities," adds Mays. There's no talk of U.S.-spec powertrains yet, but the Euro Fiesta, which shares front-drive chassis architecture with the Mazda2, runs a 1.6-liter four with a choice of manual or automatic transmissions.

If the fit, finish, and dynamics measure up, Ford could be well positioned to strike with the Fiesta, as Chrysler and GM don't have competitive players in this segment. And gas isn't going to get any cheaper.

Text Source: Motor Trend
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The purple color is nice ... but I don't know if it will look to good in person on the mundane roads.

Not feeling the purple either, but MT is right that the Fiesta pwns this class by default.
FWIW, that "purple" is no where even remotely close to the color of the vehicle. It is MUCH closer to a magenta/maroon than a purple.

You have to see it in person to appreciate it, honestly.
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