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My Fiesta Report

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So this morning I was lucky enough to get to drive the Ford Fiesta. I live very close to Nassau Colisium, where Motor Trend was having one of their Autoshows and the Fiesta Movement had a ride and drive event.

The Fiesta was everything I was expecting. I have done so much research on it and have been following it so much that when the guy at the end of the drive asked me if I was surprised I said no, and at first he seemed alittle taken back but then I explained that it was just as awesome as I expected it to be and nothing less. But here's my review. Looks amazing, but still really really hope they bring over a 3-door hatch eventually. The interior is great, much better then my focus and the materials are really top notch, especially for a sub-compact car. The seat materials were very nice, back seats had ample cushion and comfort also. Only two complaints, one there was no way to decrease the seat height and being tall it was a bit of a problem. And the seats could use a bit more depth and bolstering. Everything else was great. All controls in easy to reach areas, it had sync, push button start which means true keyless entry...leave it in your pocket lol. Rain sensing wipers, climate control which can be set to a specific degree (which i like), all your saftey features like stability control, airbags etc, auto-leveling headlamps even.

I drove an automatic, which has the 1.4L engine in it, the guy said it has about 98hp. Luckly the Fiesta is really light so it was enough to give it some pep. The 1.6L must feel even better, especially with the more responsive manual transmission. The 4 spd has a manual shift gate, but I still do not like it, so hopefully they get the 6spd Powershift duel clutch in the fiesta asap. Brakes felt great, barely any pedal travel at all before the brakes my focus the pedal goes down a bit before I can feel the brakes start to grade. So in the fiesta it is immediate. Handling was amazing, just what I expected. Not once did I feel I was losing grip, even while doing continous steering wheel lock circles around some I was trying to get the thing to break and have the back end come out but nothing lol. Weight transfer was great, it had body roll but the wheels were still planted. Was it better then my focus? Yes, but I'll give it that b/c of the like 400lbs of weight the focus has over the fiesta. The engine note was beefy, did not sound like a 1.4L at all...thank you ford for not making it sound whimpy.

All in all, super fun to drive, peppy even with a 1.4L, plenty of interior room, high quality and value, low price at both the showroom and the pump. As long as Ford brings over some of these nice options and doesn't dumb down the interior materials, then they'll have a winner.

Thank you Ford and Fiesta Movement for reaching out to customers. Keep up the good work.
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Those cars sound so good, I too hope they offer a three door.
Very cool, I drove the 1.6 with a stick. I would have loved to have driven the 1.4 just to see what it felt like. Cool. I liked the one I drove as well. I think its gonna make a great car.
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