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My personal tire test

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The r-comps are wearing kind of thin at this point with a few more events I want to run this year. The club runs morning and afternoon sessions so I ran the morning runs on the street tires, Hankook RS2 to a best of 53.4 sec. For the afternoon runs the V710's went on. The first run on the Kuhmos was a 51.7 for a best of 51.3. The RS2's are just getting broke in and the 710's are just about worn out so the diffence could be more on newer race tires. I bought used Kuhmo's but this shows me it was a worthwhile expence.[burnout]
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That's awesome. Thanks for testing them out and showing us some results. Have any pics or video of the event. And Pics of the tires. .... Also are you running 17s or 16s?

Both seta are 17", RS2- 215/45 and V710- 225/45 and one Kuhmo has a little cord showing, don't tell anyone though! I hope it works, heres a link to some photos with the Hankooks on.
After three attempts I got the link to work.
Code on some of these kind of sites can get qwarky ... good you got it to work.

Pics looks nice. I like the way your SVT looks ... pretty much stands out in all of those pics.

I am digging the picture of the Miata playing cone-hitter. nice.

Looks like the photographer was up on a hill too or some kind of crane.

17s ... pretty nice. Have you tried using 16s? From I understand they get a bit more speed with them, can turn out of corners faster, and the tires are cheap. Just a thought to check into.

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As you can see in a couple photos there are some gravel piles, the photographer climbs up a 25 to 30 foot pile for the pics.

Actualy a couple years ago I looked into the 16" wheels for snow tires and race in the summer but the cost was too high, found the extra set of 17's for $100 and also use them for winter wheels.

On a different note, something I thought interesting was we had two Lotus Europa's show up that weekend.
Um.....the link doesn't work.
Sorry, it did. Crap ! The photogrpher must have changed something.
Too bad ... there were some nice cars in the photosite ... the photographer probably ran out of space and only put it up temporarily for those of you who wanted to download them. I do that.

Thats probably true, he usually shoots a couple hundred or more of each event.
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What the heck is this though? [eek]
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2 seconds better on worn out V710's...nice!

I sure wish I didn't have run DSP if I sport some R compounds. [mad]
What the heck is this though? [eek]
That started life as a Chevy S-10. The frame has been shortened and the body he found was chopped too.
^^^Takes some imagination doesn't it?!
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